What are natural flooring and its benefits?

Flooring is referred to as the covering of floor and in this a finished product is applied on the floor. It can be carpets, rugs, laminate etc.

Advantages of Natural Rugs

People are now venturing out for natural flooring which is eco-friendly, durable and cost-effective. This is made by the natural fibers such as seagrass, mountain grass, coir, and jute. As mentioned above there are many advantages of the natural fiber rugs such as sisal rugs, jute rugs, coir rugs and seagrass rugs. It has superb durability and is sturdy for the in-house, wall to wall carpeting and is also adaptable for the light commercial applications. One of the main advantages of the natural fiber rugs such as sisal is that they are anti-slippery and anti-static. In colder climates static electricity is the major problem so these rugs are the perfect solution to static problems. Sometimes we have seen that in the synthetic rugs they have off-gassing fumes that are spread in the air and causes respiratory and throat problems. They also can cause irritation to eyes and head such as redness to eyes and headaches.

What is sisal and why it is used in making rugs?

As the name suggests it is a long fiber and it is drawn from a plant known as Agave sisalana, it was originally produced by the Aztecs and Mayans. Globally there are three major countries which produce Sisal; they are Brazil, Tanzania, and Kenya. These countries are leading producers of Sisal fibers which later on is  used in making various things like carpets, rugs, matters, buffing cloth, making ropes and making handicrafts. Sisal production is extremely important for the world and is one of the longest surviving agricultural systems. In the carpeting world, it is one of the most durable options available for wall to wall carpet. It is one of the toughest fibers available to produce rugs. In the home, sisal rugs are quite easy to clean with a brush and occasionally it is required to deep clean sisal rug to ensure which includes wet shampooing and steam cleaning.

They are perfect choice for bedroom as they are soft and cushiony

Sisal rugs are one of the softest and feathery rugs which are available in the natural fiber rugs range. There are a few types of sisal wool rugs like Lana sisal wool rugs, simple sisal wool rugs. These rugs are the best of both worlds and also they have the strength of soft sisal wool and strengthened sisal fiber. The unique patterns and knotted designs of the sisal wool rugs are the perfect choices for your décor. They are eye-catching and comforting for the skin. They have various weaved patterns like larger patterns which tend to be the coziest. These rugs can also be drawn or placed near water or areas which are prone to moisture. They can be easily placed outdoors also as they have low maintenance. Sisal rugs are available in a number of colors and patterns proffered by Floorspace.com.au.

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