Keeping your hard-earned Gains

Looking for the perfect steroid that could help with muscle gains is hard especially if you want to see the results right away. Power lifters and bodybuilders are usually the ones who are dying to look for these kinds of steroids. Even if you are not one of the mentioned, you might still want to obtain muscles to show how strong you are.

Good thing, there is a steroid called Dianabol, which is great for gaining muscle mass. With the right and proper dosage and use, you can get your desired gains while making it permanent with the right PCT or Post cycle therapy.

Perfect Muscle Gains with Dianabol

Dianabol is usually offered in oral form, though injections have also been made available. Since it takes one to three hours for this steroid to enter the bloodstream, it is advised for you to take it an hour and a half before working out for its work during your training. Users have said that they gained 10-12 pounds of muscle mass in an eight-week cycle. It becomes super effective if taken in a six to 8-week cycles and you can earn your hard earned muscle mass during that duration; although some may experience water retention, but not as excessive when taking other steroids like Anadrol,  in comparing dianabol vs deca, deca is better because of it even if it causes water retention and enlarged breast in men if used incorrectly, it doesn’t happen as fast as Dianabol which some say happens overnight. Some people use both because you get the both benefits and this includes muscle building and joint relief.

Preferred cycles for faster muscle gains

Dianabol is cheap, which is why it’s very popular among its users. To see the results right away, you will need to follow a cycle. One sample cycle is by taking it together with a testosterone ester which is Testosterone Enanthate. Example: from week 1 to week 12 take  500 milligrams Testosterone Enanthate, 250 milligrams on Monday, and 250 milligrams on Thursday, and from week 1 to week 8 take 40 milligrams Dianabol ED, 20 milligrams in the morning, 20 milligrams in the evening. This is proven to be very beneficial.

Another reason why it is extremely popular

Dianabol is very cheap and shows few side effects if taken properly. This is a nice steroid for newbies or inexperienced users. It is a very fast mass builder and there are a lot of positive comments regarding this steroid when it comes to muscle building and increased strength.

Tips for keeping your gains

In order for you to retain the gains that you have earned, you need to keep track of it first, by taking fifty percent of your daily dose one to two hours before workout and another fifty after working out. This is what most people do because dbol only has a short half-life of six to eight hours. Avoid using dbol alone because there has to be a testosterone base in every dbol cycle to sustain your significant gains.

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